A Rush of Sound can be read here: Cover --- Page 1 --- Page 2.

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The article, titled Rush: Living the Rock and Roll Lifestyle was written by Richard Flohil and is presented below in both English and French-Canadian.

Rush: Living the Rock and Roll Lifestyle can be read here: Cover --- Page 2 --- Page 4 --- Page 5 --- Page 6 --- Page 7 --- Page 8 --- Page 9 --- Page 10 --- Page 11 Up next is a short, uncredited article which appeared in the April 17th, 1976 edition of the UK music periodical Sounds.

Alongside the band are Joe Mc Hugh and Greg Mc Cutcheon of "ATI"; the organization who booked Rush for their early, New York gigs.

Also included in the picture is Rush's first "American" manager Ira Blacker.

This next multi-page article/review comes from the January 1976 edition of the Ontario Entertainment Magazine Cheap Thrills.

The article, titled A Solid Gold Rush discusses the bands first four studio albums along with their first live offering. The June 11th, 1977 edition of New Musical Express from the UK contained a dual/dueling article on the band called The Rush Phenomenon by Paul Morley and Paul Rambali.This early article is one of the few that discusses the band with late, original drummer John Rutsey.The article is in two parts and can be read here: Page 1 --- Page 2.They were all gracious enough to share some of these rare glimpses into the beginnings of Rush, and I'm certain you'll enjoy them as well.An article titled Rush: Deadly Serious About Their Music, by John Ayearst, was originally published back on March 21, 1974.The reviewer seems to enjoy Rush's music but had no appreciation for 2112 at all. Non-Rush fans have told me how much they like 2112, so maybe that's the point. This one's an interesting take on the rise of popularity of Rush during the late seventies.