An NCA report said each line will see “multiple” children drawn into drug running, with the youngest reported so far being just 12 years old, while toddlers were found in homes being used by dealers.

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Once they gain control over the victim, whether through drug dependency, debt or as part of a relationship, dealers move in and the risk of domestic abuse, sexual exploitation and violence increases even further.

The NCA said that although drug users appear complicit the issue of “true consent” is questionable, with a fifth of police forces who found “cuckooing” also finding imprisonment and modern slavery seeing vulnerable people detained or denied access within their own home.

Several police forces found that care homes were being “actively targeted” to recruit vulnerable children, while sexual grooming was also found in some areas seeing girls being coerced into “relationships” with gang members.

“Groups then exploit them sexually and coerce them to take and deal drugs,” the NCA report said.

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