(Long story, although my brother served as a Jewish Cantor for a few years and he's Episcopalian! She zomped through the Bacharach hits in a medley, then gave us the American song book. Peter V: I don't see "Marblehead Message" as anything other than a brilliant choice that leaves "Willin'" and most other records in the shade. It also goes for 168 30 a disc, as does the 1 disc Highlights version.

) While working in Midland, Michigan a few years ago I fell in with a group of ladies at an impromptu late night round-robin after the folk festival, managing to find empty harmonies somehow, mostly by just opening my mouth and not thinking too hard. Certainly a really good singer, but when the hour was up, that was it, finished. I loved it at first hearing, long before I learned that drummer Larry Atamanuik was a Torontonian who'd been hired from Ronnie Hawkins' band of the time. These are 2001 releases and theres just the one remaining new one for sale so I guess they can ask whatever they want.

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I'd always assumed Ukrainian until I was in Edinburgh a couple years ago and saw a suburban bus heading to some three- or four-syllable place ending in "uik".

For what it's worth, the only records I know that Larry was on in his days in Toronto were two 45s by Dean Curtis and the Lively Set (ca '65), one 45 by the Luv-Lites (ca.

I have the one prior; which I always thought was there first CD; but in fact was there second. I asked her what she music she likes, and if she ever heard of Cashmere Cat.

Her face lit up, and she exclaimed :"I love Cashmere Cat! Location: DE, USA Subject: Singing Lisa, I have sung in one form or another from childhood. Of course being the son of a music teacher, this was sort of mandatory. But singing for the hell of it was not out of question.

Norm, it's good your spending time making music with friends and family.

Subject: Seatrain I saw Jethro Tull in 1971at the LA Forum and I believe that Seatrain was the opener, then Its A Beautiful Day, then JT. One or the other did Orange Blossom Special, faster and faster, which was a huge crowd pleaser.An aspect I like is the pub thing, ones local, the center of social life, pub quiz, etc.I know in Ireland those country pubs have just about faded out now; reckon its the same story in England? I havent heard Marblehead Messenger in years, but it always had a Cahoots / Chicago III reputation if you see what I mean.I was fortunate enough back in the day to receive it as a promo. At Thanksgiving at my cousins, my cousin's friend's family was there.By the way, being the completist I am, I just ordered Marblehead Messenger. I don't believe he made it to the "Watch" CD; which was not produced by Sir George. One daughter is a college student, and very involved in booking & running the shows at the college she attends.We agree that Find Yourself is great musically, and that Ga Ga gets our Ya YAs on it.