Geoff, on the other hand, has been married, had two children, and divorced during the same time.

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Finally, she grabs the whip, yanks it from Luis' grasp, and runs to another part of the house. On another occasion, Luis takes Anouk to the home of one of his co-workers, who is out of town, to feed his cat.

We don't see what happens next, but the evidence appears the next morning, when the sleeping Anouk presents her bare back and butt, displaying whip marks. The two start to get jiggy and Luis exposes Anouk in the bedroom window, presumably in full view of passers-by on the street below.

When they return to Luis' apartment, Luis expresses pleasure with her good behavior and tells her he will reward her.

The reward is to cuff her wrists behind her, bend her over the bed and ream her from behind.

"Vero", as Margot refers to her, has not been a topic of discussion on this board as frequently as Amy and Mila, but I aim to correct that. This flick is quite different from the usual fare we've come to expect from this company, but besides offering plenty of Vero, it also provided a hint of Amy's directorial style, particularly the surprise ending (at least, it was a surprise to me). Once again my thanks to Lady Amy Hesketh and Ralphus for their assistance and patience.

IMDb Info Directed by: Amy Hesketh Running time: 111 minutes The title of this movie comes from a custom practiced by native Bolivians - that is, the folks who lived there a few hundred years ago, before the Spaniards took over and ruined their fun.

He buys her a new wardrobe, and sets to deciding what she should wear every day and how she should wear her hair.

They go out to dinner, Anouk sporting her "new look" and improved table manners.

He bends her over a small table in the living room, removes his belt, and thwacks her hard with it several times. This is the first indication we get that the brutality is getting Anouk off.

The force of the blows is enough to elicit loud groans and make her say "Shit! Since Anouk is French, Luis decides to give her a temporary job at his business doing translation work.

Luis makes her ask for everything (instead of just reaching for it) and she dutifully says "Thank you", although she does not exhibit much sincerity. While in the shower, she begins to massage her sore ass with one hand.