To be effective, these have to be real users who come back frequently.And to be interesting to advertisers, the company must be able to categorize people demographically, separating young from old or male from female, and in many other ways.If the thought of relying on one of the smaller (but still substantial) email services listed above makes you uncomfortable, it's still possible to create an anonymous account on some of the largest providers, although it is considerably more difficult to slide under their radar.

So if none of these work for you, poke around the internet...

The key is to look for providers that are large enough to be durable, yet hungry enough not to limit themselves with requirements such as verification.

Unfortunately, this destroys anonymity by linking it to your phone, which can be done by a lot more companies than you think. You can take advantage of the fact that many specialty email providers intentionally forego account verification in order to build a customer base with as little friction as possible.

Here are a few: In addition to the services listed above there are many others, but they are far too numerous for us to keep track of across all jurisdictions.

Note that this is not required; an email address is enough. This has never been more true when it comes to free email.

Providers give away this service in order to build a large user base - the more viewers (people with active accounts), the more they can charge an advertiser for each ad.

And it also means spending 30 or 40 dollars on the phone itself.

But if you can do that, not only will you be able to receive the email provider's verification code, you will also have an anonymous phone number you can use with your Merlin account as an additional layer of account-change verification.

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