That said, I wouldn’t get too hung up on that and would just take it in the spirit in which I’m sure it was intended — as good news offered in a warm, excited way. My interviewer wasn’t there when I arrived for my scheduled interview What do you do when the staffing center schedules you for a face-to-face interview with a person who is not even working on the day of the interview? I then was given a business card and told that maybe I should call her to reschedule the appointment no one even knew about.When I arrived for my interview, I was asked to wait until the operations manager was done interviewing a candidate for a lumber position. If I call the staffing center, won’t I be shooting myself in the foot?I assume she’s wanting someone with John’s skill set. ”I’ve worked with this recruiter for seven years, and this is the only time anything like this has happened so I’m hoping it’s a one-off event. Can you tell me more about what skill set you’re looking for?

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I asked my manager if I could have the weekend to look it all over and to speak with the agency I am with before I gave a firm answer.

I don’t plan on turning it down, but I have one week of vacation that I will lose when I terminate my contract so that needs to be organized. It’s a little weird because a job offer is not a gift or an act of generosity; it’s a business offer that’s supposed to be of mutual benefit. She told me she would email my interviewer and that I would either receive a call to reschedule or I could come in the next day and wait for the correct interviewer to see me if she was available.

Or, they just don’t want to get involved in a marital spat.

Regardless, smart employers don’t release this kind of information. I got a job offer in my holiday card I am currently a temp (long-term temp work with no end date on my contract).

As part of my other assigned duties, I’m frequently asked to screen potential hires as well as current consultants for openings at my client site. managers in this area are copping an attitude toward offshore (read India). Tell her point-blank that it’s illegal to consider race or national original in hiring decisions (sex too, if that’s part of what she was implying).

Said client is a European company that has made a decision to outsource more of their IT services with disastrous results for one project. I dropped in on our recruiter and she asked if I would help her screen some resumes for an opening at my client, adding that she’s looking for someone like John Smith. I probe some more and get “Does he look like John Smith? For example: “Obviously we can’t consider race or national origin in hiring decisions because that’s illegal under federal law.

The Southern boundary is Godavari River and on the East, West and the North borders lie in the State of Maharashtra.

The contiguous dioceses are Chanda in the North and the East, Amaravathi in the West and Hyderabad and Warangal in the South.

But, after they leave, my boss will take the basket into his office and bring it home or re-gift to someone else. Should we say anything to the boss about him taking the gifts? If so, that person should tell him that he’s demoralizing everyone by taking gifts clearly meant for the whole staff.

If no one really has a good rapport with him, you could speak up in a group (which makes it less likely that one person will be scapegoated if he’s a jerk). Recruiter hinted that I should help her find white candidates I work for an IT consulting company.

Prior to 1962, there were only two centres in Adilabad, one at Sirpur Khagaznagar with a resident priest and the other at Bellampally with a priest, visiting from Nagpur.