When asked about details concerning the show, Darabont said various cultures, such as those of African-Americans and Hispanics, would likely be explored, and he was interested in expanding upon already touched upon aspects from Buntin's book.Darabont also commented on the general nature of his project, explaining he wanted to avoid its coming off as a docudrama while still staying true to the book, was cast as the female lead after which two more cast members were announced, Jeffrey De Munn and Andrew Rothenberg.

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Changes were made to the original pilot due to the lengthy timespan between production and the series proper as well as to better establish series regulars.

A new prologue from prohibition era New York was conceived introducing the characters of Bugsy Siegel, Sid Rothman, and Meyer Lansky which becomes contextualized in the finale.

However, he is quickly gunned down by Joe who then wipes the gun down, leaves it near Nash's body, and hides the money in his car.

Morrison and the cops arrive, and Joe fabricates a story which points to Rothman as Nash's killer.

Mob City is based on a true story of a conflict that lasted decades between the Los Angeles Police Department (under leadership of police chief William Parker), and ruthless criminal elements led by Bugsy Siegel, who was in charge of the Los Angeles mafia operations. was a time of flashy cars, newly minted movie stars, and new beginnings.

and gangsters in 1940s Los Angeles as chronicled in John Buntin's book L. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America's Most Seductive City.

Joe retreats to Bunny's Jungle, guilty of killing Nash. Joe slides him the match book with the note on it, revealing that Ned was the one who had left it in his mailbox, and then gives him Nash's money.

Ned offers the money back to Joe, claiming that his boss Bugsy Siegel wants him to have it, but Joe turns him down, not wanting to be an enforcer for the mob.

Some characters from the pilot were also recast: Gregory Itzin replaced Ron Rifkin as the mayor of Los Angeles, and Mekia Cox replaced Pihla Viitala as Bunny's Jungle Club bartender Anya.

A production still from the pilot featuring Viitala was used prominently in the show's online marketing despite her absence in the show.

Ned then reports to Siegel that Joe has killed Nash, free of charge.