Calls are 5p a minute, texts are 5p, and data is 5p a MB. Our daily plan costs £3 for 300MB, and our monthly plans* start from just £5 for 300MB.Data plans range from 300MB to 20GB, so you can get the right amount of data for your lifestyle.

Perfect if you want to stay flexible and like to buy your data a chunk at a time. Get a 5GB plan that lasts for up to 90 days and costs £25.

Or choose a 12 month plan, with 12GB for £60 or 20GB for £75.

Additionally you should call this switchboard helpline if you’re not sure which one of HSBC’s departments you should get in touch with, and a customer services representative will direct you accordingly.

Alternatively, a detailed list of HSBC’s departments and their numbers is located at the end of this article.

Perfect if you’re online a lot, but want to keep your data allowance going for longer.

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Just top up the right amount for your chosen bundle each month to get your allowance.

There's no contract with Big Bundles, they last for a month and renew automatically on the same day each month, but only if you've got enough credit to cover the payment. Top up as often as you want and keep your credit to use how, and when, you like, no catches. Top up £10 or more to get your credit and the below for use in the UK and Europe Zone: 3000 O2 to O2 texts 100MB data Top up £15 or more to get your credit and the below for use in the UK and Europe Zone: 3000 O2 to O2 texts 3000 O2 to O2 minutes 200MB data Check out our full list of International sim standard rates. Get even more data, minutes and texts for your money, with our new Big Bundles.

The HSBC customer service helpline is open 8am to 10pm every day of the year, including weekends.

However if you’re a HSBC advance or Premier customer, you have the option to speak directly with a representative 24 hours a day, once you have confirmed your identity through using the above switchboard service.

For instance, you will need to verify with the representative your proof of residency in the UK and may be subject to a credit check.