This depends a lot on the type of furry you're talking about, but there are some answers that are common enough to talk about.Of course, not all furries do all the things listed here.In a way, the word "furry" is a lot like the word "gamer".

Furries come from all walks of life, but some of the most prevalent common interests include: gaming, geek culture, politics, and relationships.

of surveyed furries have created a furry character for themselves.

Once a person has discovered the furry community, the first thing they normally do is begin browsing the mountains of artwork, animation, and writing that are available online.

There are several websites dedicated to helping furries connect, talk about their interests, and share artwork/stories they've created.

Furries, however, are still sort of a - it's just one of many interests they might have!

But sometimes, furries come up in other discussions, and it's often awkward.

(Dungeons & Dragons, Redwall, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) of surveyed furries use websites like Fur Affinity to browse furry artwork, writing, and other media.

Eventually, most furries realize that they're not alone: there is an entire community of people who love anthropomorphic characters just as much as they do, and even though they all come from different backgrounds and love different franchises, they all share something in common.

For other furries, their character is just that: a character, like one you might find in books or movies.

It doesn't actually represent them, but they use their character for acting or roleplaying with other furry characters.

and a high level of involvement within the community are more likely to participate in surveys, while "casual furries" are less likely to participate in surveys.