My girlfriend, who I have lived with for the past ten years knows all about my desire for an occasional cock to suck and she is fine with it.

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When I turned around from the refrigerator Nick and Betty were in an embrace and deep French kissing each other. I helped by assisting them both taking off their suit jackets, setting them aside and then moving into the dance even closer.

It was mind blowing to make eye contact with her as she was French kissing Nick at the same time. Then she reached out for me with one arm while the other still hung around Nick’s waist.

Now, think about it, we are all pretty plastered about now so when I finally find Betty, I see that she is in a clinch with Nick and they are all over each other with tongues down each other’s throats, feeling each other up, and down, and all around and I was totally cool with it. It was shocking, but the shock was blunted by the alcohol and the absolutely sexiness if the situation.

Totally drunk, totally uninhibited, and I was a lot more turned on by what I was watching than I was angry, jealous, or any other kind of emotion that the normal world would judge as appropriate. Watching Betty and Nick in their crazed state of passion caused my own sexual juices to enflame. It was past midnight and we quickly thanked our host, our Boss, for the great party, wished everybody a merry Christmas and quickly got in my car, we left car Nick’s there, and made our way a few miles back to our house.

She said it was great, but it took her a few days to walk normally after the experience.

I was kind of dumbfounded when she told me about that and was a little wierded out. Nick, as a scholarship jock got all the pussy he could fuck and eat, so I was kinda small potatoes when it came to sharing sexual experiences with these titans of the fuck wars. My experiences were limited to the “going steady” kind of relationships evolving to “good fuck buddies”.

OK, this is enough background information about myself and the other participants of my first bisexual threesome.

Fast forward to a December Saturday night Office Christmas party at the bosses house.

Things were moving quickly now, but I needed some assurance, some sign that the real objects of my long desires were now obtainable. I had my hand there, just holding steady, firmly, having no idea what to expect next. I moved my face to her face, moved my lips to her lips, and her lips were so engaged with Nick’s, and so all three of us combined our lips, our tongues, our spit, into one single point of overflowing passion.