I'm still blocked today by the Faroes tourism people and the sadistic and bloodthirsty practice still continues.

Many other newspapers in Europe are also carrying the disturbing images, like the Independent, Daily Mail, and the Metro.

All of the major cruise lines still cruise to ports in the Faroes and profit by selling sell shore excursions to their guests.

After a period of violent thrashing the animal is paralyzed and loses consciousness, dying of blood loss in most cases.

With this the sea turns bright red with blood." Mother whales are gutted and their baby whales ripped out.

Yesterday Fox News covered the horrific slaughter, showing images (video below), taken by Sea Sheperd volunteers, of the gruesome killing of these highly social mammals.

It was the first time, to my knowledge, that a major U. television network focused on the gruesome slaughter.

The Faroes tourism website features a large photo (below) of a cruise ship and encourages visitors to visit by cruise or ferry.

I say Beware, the images below (after the cruise ship), taken by the Sea Shepard volunteers, are gruesome.

These are well attended sporting events where the residents of the Faroes chase pods of the whales in motorized boats into a harbor and the locals hack at the whales with knives while their family members cheer them on.