This wireless bridge is fairly new, but has already found quite a following.

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Therefore operating methods/procedures and tools will need adaptation to manage hotspots and share information amongst stakeholders.

In summary, this exercise provides a first validation step of free route in a complex environment and highlights issues/limitations of the free route concept that will be taken on board in SESAR2020 to enable benefits expected by airspace users with such concept.

With version 8.7, though, Garmin Pilot adds some powerful features for European pilots that makes it a legitimate contender outside the US.

Most significantly, Garmin Pilot now offers Eurocontrol auto routing and flight plan filing.

The exercise demonstrated the operational feasibility and benefits of the free routing concept, as well as the minimum flight level and associated acceptable complexity level.

Taking place at the Skyguide premises in Geneva in February 2016, this real time simulation (RTS) focused on parts of French, Italian and Swiss airspace, using a validation platform equipped with advanced and trajectory-based controller support tools.They were then processed by the Network Manager and ANSPs before being used during the simulation session.The Network Manager assessed the proposed trajectories with regards to capacity and congestion and proposed regulations accordingly.A business trajectory flight planning iterative process was used from initial shared business trajectory submission to reference business trajectory use during flight execution phase.Trajectories were calculated with maximum of freedom for airspace users and shared using the new extended flight plan format by the flight operations centres (FOC) of Lufthansa Systems and Sabre.Euro ContrĂ´le Route (ECR) is a group of European Transport Inspection Services working together to improve road safety, sustainability, fair competition and labour conditions in road transport by activities related to compliance with existing regulations.