Drive-in movie theaters, soda shops, and school dances were all part of the standard high school dating ritual.

If you have seen Grease, you probably think you have a pretty clear picture of what dating was like in the 1950s.

We don t know for a fact whether David Caruso is gay, bisexual or straight.

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"Women in this age bracket are twice as likely to respond to men that are five years younger than they are, whereas men are more likely to respond to a lot of women both younger and older.

We believe this is because men are less likely to be the recipient of the first message as typical instigators which makes them more responsive overall."A significant factor in finding a potential partner for over 50s is geographical location.

He is an American by nationality and is of Irish-Italian descent.

When David was at his age of 2, his father left his family, and he was raised by his mother ever after.

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