Having studied martial arts since her youth, she currently works as a female boxer and cocktail waitress.

She previously worked as a model, bartender and in public relations.

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Villains and put forth yet another impressive performance.

She made several key moves (including a memorable blindside of J. Thomas) that showed off her qualities not only as a cutthroat competitor but also as a keen forecaster of behavior and persistent force in the face of long odds.

She originally competed on Survivor: Cook Islands and later on Survivor: Heroes vs. Her character as a manipulative flirt was first established in Cook Islands, in which she was widely perceived as the main antagonist.

She was part of the Raro Alliance, but after Jonathan Penner flipped she was relegated to the minority status.

Parvati Shallow grew up the eldest of three siblings on a commune in Vero Beach, Florida.

She and her family moved to Atlanta when she was 11 years old.After her close ally Amanda Kimmel won the Final Immunity Challenge she took Parvati to the Final Tribal Council where Parvati would win in a close 5-3 vote.Already canonized as one of the better players and most distinct characters of all time, she then returned in Heroes vs.Shallow put herself through college, attending the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with minors in French and Italian.While in college, she was an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and is a huge Bulldog fan!Her tribe did not face any danger for the first six days as they won the first two Immunity Challenges.