Born on October 28, 1963 in Cinecittà, in Rome, “where it is easier to dream than look reality in the eyes”, Eros spends his childhood occasionally participating as an extra in mass scenes of movies while dreaming of a celebrated career as a singer, encouraged by his Dad Rodolfo, a construction painter who has also recorded several songs.At the end of Middle School, Ramazzotti applies to the Conservatory but he is not accepted, therefore signing up for Accounting studies.The record is enriched by two previously unreleased compositions (“Quanto amore sei” and “Ancora un minuto di sole”) and it is rendered even more precious by the duets with Andrea Bocelli in “Musica è” and with Tina Turner in “Cose della vita-Can’t Stop Thinking Of You”.

eros ramazzotti and anastasia dating-84

Nevertheless, his school career is short-lived; all he thinks about is music and he drops out in his second year of High School.

In 1981 he participates in the “Voci Nuove di Castrocaro” competition: reaching the finals with “Rock 80”, a piece written by himself that allows him to obtain his first music contract with the young label DDD.

In the summer of 1995, he participates in the European Music Summer Festival together with Rod Stewart, Elton John and Joe Cocker.

The following year, precisely on May 13, 1996, he releases the CD “Dove c’è musica”, the first entirely self-produced.

In the meantime, his working team changes: Piero Cassano (having left the group Matia Bazar) composing music, Adelio Cogliati (to this day his main author) writing lyrics and Celso Valli (who still works with him) doing arrangements.

In 1985 Eros returns to the Sanremo Festival and arrives at sixth place with “Una storia importante”, a song from his debut album “Cuori agitati”.

The single “Una storia importante” sells a million copies in France alone and becomes a European hit.

1986: Ramazzotti releases his second album “Nuovi eroi” but most importantly he wins the Sanremo Festival (third consecutive appearance) with the song “Adesso tu”.

The CD “In certi momenti” obtains outstanding results: over three million copies sold worldwide.

His number of fans increases even more with the following mini-album “Musica è” (1988), characterized by the title-track: a 10 minutes suite with lyrical tones outstandingly performed by Ramazzotti, who proves having reached his full artistic maturity.

The years 1993/’94 are rich with professional satisfactions: the album “Tutte storie” (1993) sells 6 million copies and conquers the top of the charts all over Europe.