I gently part her legs, which opens her slot a little to show some of her pussy.I get up on all fours beside her at this point I had removed my boxers too and had my ass towards her and my face over her pussy.

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She has nice smooth skin on top of her feet which are quite tanned as she goes absolutely everywhere in flip-flops.

This has given her feet a tan but also a whitish area in shape of a letter Y where the strap sits.

She has nerve damage in one foot that can be painful at times so though it might help relax her a little bit.

My fiancée is lying on the bed in some black shorts and a strappy top as she normally wears around the house.

I can feel her thighs tense up so I'm quite sure she is enjoying as much if not more than I am. I withdraw my face to get some air while I run a finger or two around her clit to keep her going until I start again.

After repeating this a few times she is brought to climax and closes he legs and lifts them up towards her belly as she has an orgasm then relaxes again flat on her back.

I little wet as I have been teasing her with my kisses.

There is a wonderful small fold at top with a small clit just visible in the fold. I dive my face right in and rub my lips side to side across her clit. I then start with my tongue and run it up and down her clit.

Her toes are quite short and a little bit chubby and almost always have nail polish on them.

Her little toes tuck in under the toe next to it a little as if trying to hide from the world.

She like it when I apply pressure to her toes and push them up towards top of her foot as if she had all her weight on her toes like she was on tiptoe.