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You can visit our site to see how to load the Analysis Toolpack In this example we have an income statement and what we’d like to do is we are going to have actual numbers dated the 15th January, and what we’d like to do is put in some forecast numbers, but we’d like this to calculate the correct dates.

If we don’t work out and wind up going our separate ways, at least I’ll know I gave us a fair shot.

However it is very important to point out, that these functions are only available when you have your Analysis Toolpack loaded.

This is easier, because we know the day portion of the first of next month is always 1.

While there are few things more rewarding than the feeling of finishing yet another year of lectures, tests and presentations, the end of the school year can also provide some not-so-ideal scenarios for the love lives of many collegiettes.

Between study abroad trips, summer internships and graduation, many girls often find themselves faced with some tough decisions regarding their significant other come the end of the semester.

Set in the last days of the Vietnam War, Miss Saigon is the story of 17-year-old Kim, forced to work in a Saigon bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer.

More than 76,300 people from across the region came to see the spectacular production, a revised version of the original show, which featured cutting-edge visual techniques, including a helicopter flight.

Dating multiple people has significantly disabled bachelors and bachelorettes from focusing on the people sitting right in front of them.

Studies show that too many options actually make it harder to choose.

Ever been at a party or a function where someone is talking to you, but at the same time scanning the room looking for someone else to talk to?