I assume you’re bringing it up because you think a religious person would be hypocritical to say anything except vaginal sex is okay – in which case, as I’ve already pointed out, this isn’t a religious site.

The article was actually written by an agnostic, who doesn’t view sex outside of marriage as a sin, and therefore a decision of what to save for marriage is for him a matter of personal preference.

They maintain their innocence and that helps them not cross the line.

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@Even Saddleback – Tim Curry: Okay, you do realise that we can see your IP address as you post?

God has somebody perfect in mind for you, and you will recognize that person when you meet them.

Until God brings you that person, you’re not going to date at all.

I’m not sure what’s behind your fixation with anal sex.

You kept bringing it up it, even though this article doesn’t even mention it once.

Creativity is encouraged to keep things fun and interesting over a long-term relationship without crossing the line (having sex).

You can be waiting till marriage and still be sexual. This allows you to experience relatively full romantic relationships (complete with a decent amount of physical intimacy) while still saving that one big thing for the love of your life to share only with each other.

So despite your attempt at using different names, it’s extremely obvious that it’s just the same little sad-sack posting over and over again. We have religious members, but we’re not preaching reasons to wait till marriage.

You might have at least waited a few hours between comments. This is a support site for people who’ve freely chosen to wait.

Example: Many devoutly Christian girls (particularly younger girls) in churches and youth groups across America.