Two things that allows CSI Miami to stand out from NY, Vegas and other CSI's is its beautiful panoramic and colorful beaches along with its cast they really back each other up.

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Miami, on the other hand, is a rich meld of citrus yellows and oranges, as bright as star David Caruso's hair.

Yet with all the muscle-beach shots and balmy palm trees, grisly crime scenes are waiting to be dusted.

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The characters are well-developed, but the show wasn't so old at this point that it had lost its freshness. :)This is a ground breaking series with many changes and further character developments from the cast.

We get to see some of the cast vulnerabilities as well as their strengths. The suspects are getting a little more difficult to crack and the story lines are interesting.

The ocean and skies are shown in azure blue, while most of the exterior scenes in the city use orange and yellow shades.

In this respect, CSI Miami draws from the 1980s series Miami Vice, noted for its innovative color schemes.

He also may have the biggest love for over-the-top dramatic pauses on television ("Because. The cast had settled comfortably into their roles, although some of these remained undeveloped.

For the most part, the dialogue was designed to highlight David Caruso, who exudes a combination of virtue and professionalism. Episodes like Crime Wave and Pirated go overboard in showing waterlogged bodies.

The third season of CSI: Miami kicks off with the episode "Lost Son", in which the team of criminologists races to find an abducted child while dealing with the loss of one of their own people.