Everyone was laughing and I felt like a complete dumbass.

But when I did get on the bench I lifted them with little trouble.

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Would of been OK in Football practice, but not @ Golds Gym! On back day my buddy and I usually start out with some seated cable rows.

On one particular day we decided to go rather heavy.

I was doing freeweight barbell lunges at around 165 lbs., which was quite heavy for me at the time.

Now my normal shoes were wet from running through rain and mud the day before, so I'm wearing these old, beat-up things with no grip or support.

The weight I ended my sets with 2 reps holding 2 65lb dumbbells.

I wanted to set my max on a dumbbell benchpress with two 70's.Once I got them off I quickly left the weight room.A couple years ago I went out and bought alot of new workout gear.Eventually, I collected myself, re-racked the bar and decided to try some dumbbell lunges...The other day I was at the gym, I'm 13 years old and I currently max out on a benchpress at 165 and I was doing a dumbbell benchpress.I took a 70 in each hand and went to sit on the bench.