The Garda Water Unit conducted a search around Youghal port in connection with her disappearance and further searches were carried out in urban areas around the town by members of the Divisional Search Team and the Cork City Garda Dog Unit.

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“It got back to me through a member of my family that they were asking, what I thought as unfair questions, about do they think that I could harm my wife. “They searched the house when I was up the country.

I came back to the gardaí here in Youghal and I made a complaint. I didn’t know that they were going to search it but now they have a key to enter whenever they like.

Gardaí were contacted and the suitcases were removed for examination.

He said one of them bore a resemblance to one belonging to his wife but he could not be sure about the other.

In a previous interview with Mr Satchwell said it was out of character for his wife to disappear.

"Getting up and going like she did isn’t like her at all.

Mr Satchwell, who was married to Tina for 25 years said he has no idea what happened to his wife and best friend.