“Finally I decided I needed to make changes as I was fed up of living in a golden cage and I ran away.” Despite her claims of abuse, the Ukrainian stunner had only nice things to say about her hubby when, just a few days before she vanished, she wrote on his Facebook page: “My amazing Gianluca Cervara, thank you that I can be your flower and part of the family.” Her Instagram page is now littered with photos of her time in NYC.

Several photos include the hashtag “freedom.” Cervara, however, is furious that her “freedom” came without so much as an arrivederci.

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I gave myself pep talks: "You love him, you want him to be happy, and you already decided that sex was not the defining feature of your relationship."For instance, I thought, he loved sci-fi movies…I did not. Why would a sexual fetish be more divisive than that? I was a less valuable than his corsets."I won't go back to vanilla sex," he told me. In a matter of weeks, I left everything behind – the house, the car and the size-12 gold shoes. After the sound of the judges gavel we hugged goodbye, and I thought I felt the ribbed wire of the corset beneath his button-up shirt.

The alienation I felt embarrassed me; I wanted so badly to love him unconditionally. But what I wanted most was to go back in time to our crummy sex life – before he played dress up. He had spent a life fantasizing about this – and finally it was real. "I would never have done it if you weren't OK.""I have more information now. It wasn't until I was decorating my apartment with as many girly things as possible that I let myself realize how upset I had been.

“Judging by her photos she is in New York and is working as a model there,” he told

“She has lots of pretty photos taken in five-star hotels, she is posing with other men.

But I then carefully corrected myself and embraced him. His smooth muscular chest was covered in a lace corset.

His tan athletic shoulders were looming over his constricted waist.

She does not look unhappy at all.” “All I can say is she is not the person she is pretending to be,” he added.

I was in bed with my ex-husband, with six years of sub-par sex playing in my mind like a silent movie.

We were best friends and I decided I didn't need more.