Rusty Mansell: Before I say anything else about Trevor Lawrence, I am and have been on the table for Justin Fields to be a five-star and the No.

2 overall player in the country since the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend this past May.


As a senior he went out and completed 70 percent of his passes with 40 touchdowns to just one interception.

To say the game was moving in slow motion this year would be an understatement.

I sat with Cartersville quarterbacks coach Michael Bail and watched him put Trevor on the board to discuss audibles and getting into and out of the right plays.

It showed me he has the football IQ to go with the rare, God-given talent he has been blessed with.

Then watching his senior film, you see the playmaking ability he has with his legs and it makes for an elite all-around quarterback who will only get better in college as he continues to develop in his decision making.

Steve Wiltfong: Lawrence is arguably the best high school quarterback prospect I’ve covered and my favorite prospect at the signal-caller position since Jameis Winston.

Meanwhile, Fields is a franchise quarterback prospect as well.

He is off the charts athletically and has proven how quickly he can adjust to a faster speed of the game dominating 7-on-7 play at The Opening Finals.

I’m a believer in high completion percentage and low interception totals being an indicator of how a young man will transition to the next level.

Lawrence sees the field incredibly well and from a throwing standpoint everything is effortless.

The way Lawrence avoids the rush, makes throws on the run or off balance without losing much velocity or accuracy is impressive.