The next day, Eggman captured Chris, Amy and Tails who were having a picnic using E-47 Pumpty and happily rooted for Knuckles.

The echidna soon realized he was being duped and teamed up with Sonic to save the others before taking out on Eggman himself.

Taking advantage of Sonic's weakness of water, Eggman ordered his E-38 Octoron to drown him but was defeated due to Amy who aided Sonic.

The doctor then called in his Serpenter but Amy dealt with it quickly before whacking Eggman down into the water.

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Eggman then arrived at Chris' school and threatened to disassemble Intelligente which forced the robot to follow his original order and kept Chris and his classmates after school.

Sonic though rushed to the kids' rescue soon and defeated Intelligente.Impressed, Eggman tried to offer Sonic, Chris and his classmates a badge but they all panned it before the doctor took his leave.Eggman dispatched E-90 Super Sweeper in order to suck up satellites in space to build robot parts.However Sonic attacked the base which eventually led to an accident causing Chaos Control which transported him along with Sonic and several of his friends to Earth.Eggman heard news of a discovered Chaos Emerald and heads over with his E-11 Beacon to retrieve it.Eggman challenged Sonic and his friends to a winner-takes-all baseball game at Diamond Stadium where the winner would claim the Chaos Emeralds discovered there.