The upper body was naked, but the lower body and legs were covered by a cloak made of a four-layered twill fabric and a fringed shawl.These two articles of clothing are now on display at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.In addition, there were other objects found with her: half a clay pot, placed on the knees of the corpse, along with half a humerus and half a radius of a human infant beside her.

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He also had a noose around his neck, indicating that he was hanged.

Only his head remains original in his museum display due to lack of preservation knowledge at the time of discovery.

Studies show Grauballe Man was most likely a ritual sacrifice victim.

His fingers had been so perfectly preserved in the bog that researchers were able to take his fingerprints, as with Old Croghan Man For some time, The Haraldskær Woman was thought to have been the Norwegian Queen Gunnhild, until carbon-14 dating proved she was much older.

Studies show she was around 50 years old and in good health when she died. Huldremose Woman is the name of the bog body of an Iron Age woman discovered in 1879 near Ramten, Jutland.

The body, found clothed in a wool skirt and two skin capes, dated between 160 BCE and 340 CE.

Her hair had been tied into a knot, and fastened with a woven band, which was destroyed.

The Tollund Man has been noted for the excellent preservation of his facial features.

At the time of death, the woman was more than 40 years old— a relatively long lifespan for people of that time period.