Some reports suggest the actress has already stayed with Harry at Kensington Palace and met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The most telling piece of evidence may be a simple piece of jewelry.

The term collage was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when collage became a distinctive part of modern art.

According to numerous reports, Markle met Harry in Toronto last May, when he was in town promoting the Invictus Games for wounded soldiers, which will take place in the city next year.

Royal watchers scrutinizing Markle’s Instagram account noticed that Markle’s numerous trips to London, England since the spring coincided with times the Prince was in the city.

A week ago, Markle uploaded a photo, taken in England, to Instagram.

In the picture, she is wearing a blue beaded bracelet that appears identical to one Prince Harry has also been photographed wearing.

The bracelet, which is from an African charity the prince supports, has fueled speculation that he gave the actress one as a gift.

Besides their matching bracelets, the pair also share an affinity for humanitarian work.

According to the Guggenheim Museum's online art glossary, collage is an artistic concept associated with the beginnings of modernism, and entails much more than the idea of gluing something onto something else.

The glued-on patches which Braque and Picasso added to their canvases offered a new perspective on painting when the patches "collided with the surface plane of the painting." In this perspective, collage was part of a methodical reexamination of the relation between painting and sculpture, and these new works "gave each medium some of the characteristics of the other," according to the Guggenheim essay.

The use of collage, however, wasn't used by many people until the 10th century in Japan, when calligraphers began to apply glued paper, using texts on surfaces, when writing their poems.

The technique of collage appeared in medieval Europe during the 13th century.

Prior to her rumoured romance with Prince Harry, Markle was reportedly dating Canadian chef Cory Vitiello.