And as I grabbed the remote to my DVD player and pushed the play button, I whispered back, softly in her ear, "It's ok, baby- girls do this kind of thing all the time. You're too beautiful to not be enjoyed this way." I put the remote back down as the porno movie started to play.Through her soft protests and attempts to push my hands away from the button on her shorts, I unbuttoned them and slipped my hand in her panties. Me : Then do one thing come to the verandah, we will do some “ Time pass “ Ranu : Ok….. Because she needs some darkness to open her up before me. She could see that lust in my eyes that I wanted to fuck her. Ranu get up from the bench and headed to her cottage without answering me.

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I think she knew somehow what I was going to do to her- and yet she stayed.

She is very beautiful and attractive lady of mid 30’s.

Any man can go mad, just to touch her boobs , and kiss on her lips. Suddenly She noticed me and covered her assets properly with her sari. They are very happy, because next 10 days we are going to spend a very good time together. I will seduce her and take her to my bed for a good fucking session. But this time my wife several time give me hints but I am not interested.

One Sunday morning my wife’s best friend Ranu came to visit us because her hubby went for a business trip. Ranu came and seated in our drawing room on a sofa. Suddenly my wife came from the kitchen and take her to the inside.

Always trying to make some planning how to take revenge. I am talking with her and taking measurement of her shapely body from the corner of my eyes. But I am shamelessly staring at her sexy body, from head to toe. That day I never again give Ranu any chance to doubt on me. I am just waiting for the perfect time and situation.

I take her to the corner of the room and pinned her to the wall.

I held her hair tightly by my right hand and planted a kiss on her lips. She is moaning and requesting me to leave her but I am not ready to live her.

This sweet little girl, daughter of my next door neighbors, who I'd watched and masturbated to many times as she played outside, now sat on the couch in my living room next to me, talking to me about her friends and what a nice day it was outside as she sipped a cold glass of lemonade.

She pulled back slightly when I put my hand on her leg and told her that I thought she was pretty.

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