And the feelings of the players won’t have changed.

..When I first became a so-called ‘sexpert’, I was 28.

The City and Britain’s financial services sector is the powerhouse of the economy, generating £70 billion of taxes, and the biggest contributor to the UK’s remarkable £92 billion invisibles surplus.

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When he boxed Carl Froch last year, I thought he had no chance but he shocked everybody. Today's it's the England cricket team's turn - AGAIN - to be handed the dubious honour... Asked to buy into a new-look club by owner Randy Lerner, the Scot set about his task with zeal.

..Your striker fluffs a sitter, your defender shanks a clearance, your winger misses a try or your hot tip falls at the first fence.... ..It is almost 18 months now since Paul Lambert swept into Villa Park with a vision of a very different future. ..There are only a few days to go before we take on Australia at the Millennium Stadium.

..David Cameron is running out of ploys to make backbench Tories feel part of the Government machine.

The whips are very worried — that is to say, those whips who are not already EU sceptics themselves...SANDRA PARSONS: Today's young woman has a wider selection of men from whom to choose — but if she isn't lucky enough to find her Mr Darcy at university or the office, she’s increasingly unlikely to meet him at all...I am self-employed and have two separate private pensions worth £130k and £80k by 2022.I’m incredibly excited by the prospect of walking out in front of a big crowd and singing the national anthem...I know exactly how those Aston Villa boys will be feeling as they line up in the tunnel before tonight’s game. it might have been almost two decades ago, but the situation I faced in 1994 was uncannily similar.Back then, I was editor of a journal called The Erotic Review.