It's been especially noticeable since last month she was spotted looking pretty happy and holding hands with a DJ named Lauren Abedini.

demi lovato dating joe jonas again-44

They're friends again." "There wasn't one main reason that even broke them apart — a lot of their beef was just them being young girls…

Some of it was Disney stuff, some of it was Jonas stuff, but no one knows what the main problem ever was.

But I don't we anybody anything." And she's right -- she definitely doesn't owe anybody anything.

But that documentary she referred to here was released today, and if you wanted a direct answer, then you finally get one!

In one scene, Demi reveals that she's using a dating app, and in her search for love, she's looking for either a man or a woman.

"I am open to human connection," she explained about her choice.

A new year means a fresh start for many of our favorite celebs!! The supermodel announced that she was walking away from her website/app after only two years.

While fans were saddened to learn this, we're glad Kenny's doing what's best for her!! During a recent interview, the former Jonas Brothers member revealed he'd be repeating this past year's resolution. CLICK HERE to view "Celebrity 2018 New Year's Resolutions!

Raya is a private, membership-based network, with each member required to meet certain criteria based on their career, connections and their values.

If accepted, there is a monthly fee of to stay within the app.

The following year proved even bigger for Demi, both with the release of the Disney TV movie .