How do you deal with all the different personalities, stand up for yourself yet still have everyone like you and not feel overwhelmed by it all?This is where you'll find tips and strategies on dealing with the personalities in the workplace.

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When a student disrupts to the extent that the class cannot continue, you might call a pause in the class and attempt to restore order by talking privately with the student or you might ask the student to stop, by saying “Please do not [and name specifically the behaviour that is a problem] again.

I would like you to see me after class.” It is important to warn that student that his/her behaviour is unacceptable.

But retail pros know that they're going to be dealing with angry customers, the very customers who make offering high-quality service difficult.

Here are a few different types of angry customers and how to deal with them as a customer service representative.

" This kind of question can also help you get away faster from a chatty, finicky or confused customer who monopolizes your time.

Before you offer solutions, ask the customer how he would like the problem to be resolved. ("Would you prefer to speak to the manager, or wait until I can finish ringing up these customers' purchases so I can give you more time?

This meeting will give you the opportunity to review your expectations of students in your class and indicate how the student’s behaviour is being disruptive.

Give the student the opportunity to explain their actions.

Skills Learning how to speak in public or even how to be better at starting conversations can go a long way to making you feel more confident at work.