All of Mildred's attempts to revise her potion notes fail, and when Miss Hardbroom gives them the test of making a laughter potion, Mildred and Maud accidentally create an invisibility potion.Miss Hardbroom sends them to Miss Cackle's office, where Mildred is severely reprimanded, and called the worst witch.Charlie is fascinated by the girls, but finds it hard to believe that they are really witches.

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The next few days are full of madness and mystery as Mildred comes to terms with all the rules and age-old traditions of Cackle's Academy.

The first two weeks are devoted to broomstick flying, unfortunately for Mildred, who is afraid of heights.

Mildred Hubble, an eager but awkward young girl, arrives breathless at the other side of the gate just as it shuts.

Inside the courtyard, Miss Cackle is making a speech of welcome to the girls.

As a result, they have resorted to eating too many sweets.

Miss Cackle decides that the only answer is to set an example by eating exactly the same food as the girls for a week.

Meanwhile Mrs Tapioca, the school cook, comes to Mildred's rescue and invites her down to the kitchen to sample her fresh pasta and pizzas.

Mildred spots an extraordinary contraption, which Frank Blossom has created for catching mice.

At that moment Mildred, in full flight, rises up over the gates, swoops along the courtyard and crashes straight into the school dustbins, breaking her broomstick in half.

Everyone has a laugh at her expense, but Maud Moonshine comes to her rescue, and Miss Hardbroom is clearly not impressed.

Miss Cackle takes a class in simple shape-changing, and their hats are magicked into an amusing range of headgear.