“As teenagers, we are very impressionable and at a very vulnerable part of development in our lives,” says former student Sam Rith.

“Even in high school, a relationship between a freshman and a senior is very susceptible to a dangerous, unbalanced power dynamic.

You and Chara were waiting for the waiter hearing some classic music in the restaurant. " You decided to break the silence "do..have any hobbies at all?


This “wrong way” may have everything to do with age differences.

“I think having two years at most between the two people dating is fine,” says senior Isela Solis.

Then...*Coughing* You both turned around seeing grillby and you both sat back down laughing nervously. Grillby nodded and wrote it down to his note pad and walked back to the counter. " Chara blushed but looked at you "I-I don't know m-much about algebra...I p-plus U equal 69" *Chara flirted with Y/n "Uhh....

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"Ok got the ketchup......packets....." you stopped in your tracks seeing....a monster flirting at Chara. " "Uh.thanks..." Ok this guy randomly came up to me and asked started flirting with me.... "Hey....buddy.....that's enough talking for one day....go back to your seat...." the guy turned around seeing Y/n with red eyes "O-oh..s-sorry..." the monster then walked away. " Chara pulled on the collar of your sweater kissing you passionately.

" You and Chara said at the same time "......................welcome...." grillby then walked away. " Chara started eating her fries but she was forgetting something "uh... " You then got up from your seat and walked to the counter getting 2 bags of ketchup.“Age gap relationships can be okay,” says freshman Selena Espinosa. don’t be creepy and make sure you guys are on the same page and you’ll be OK!Added by: Shane Evans Date Added: 2017-06-10 File URL is Date and Time: 03/28/2016 Uploaded by: (Shinko Net Cavy) Game System: Windows Game Name: Undertale Song Title: Dating Start!Nobody pov All of you guys continued walking because of what Sans said and also done all of the puzzles "soo...now? " Frisk asked remembering the whole 'going out' thing. I could go battle Papyrus and be friends while you guys go to grillbs! “In high school, each year makes a huge difference in your development.