Some Conservative rabbis have also been less than encouraging about a couple's desire to have a Tenaim ceremony based on similar concerns.But these concerns and scheduling the Tenaim the same weekend of the wedding means missing out on one of the best things about a Tenaim ceremony - the party that traditionally follows.

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Aufruf The Aufruf refers to the calling up of the groom or, in egalitarian congregations, the bride and groom) to the Torah on the Shabbat before the wedding.

The Aufruf is an opportunity for the community to publicly recognize, congratulate, and share in the joy of the wedding to come. it's customary to throw candy afterwards to send the bride and groom wishes for a sweet marriage.

(a glossary of Jewish wedding terms is provided below). With that in mind, we've put together this guide and glossary to Jewish weddings.

Whether you're planning a wedding or just attending one soon, we hope this guide will help as an introduction to Jewish wedding customs and traditions.

Circling As we note above, circling is a great example of a custom with multiple variations that is attributed to different sources.

The numbers of circuits is usually either seven or three.

The ceremony itself is a conglomeration of legal recitations and customs.

The wedding ceremony consists of two parts, erusin (also called kiddushin), which is the legal agreement by which the bride and groom are is betrothed to each other, and nissuin, the nuptials and the active beginning of the new union between the bride and groom.

One source for three circles is a verse from Hosea with three descriptions of God's betrothal to Israel: "Thus says the Lord, I will betroth you to Me forever.