December 26 (Christmas episode with the setting as the 24th), Michael and Starr try to figure out which place to go to.

Later became Michael's adoptive father.-Sought treatment for his bipolar disorder with the help of his friends and family.

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Starr helps Michael and AJ in trying to figure out the secret ingredient of the pickle ralish.

In middle of March, Starr gets a call from Langston Wilde, friend and adoptive daughter of Starr's great-aunt from OLTL, calls from Los Angeles.

I am not terribly conventional, I have a doctorate, and I’m fairly independent.

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Instead of being written off as “old,” these silver foxes are defiantly rewriting the rules governing men and age -- part of the larger cultural backlash against everything from wrinkles to death.

Both Wendy and David have also engaged in numerous consulting projects and developed training workshops for corporate clients on topics ranging from: social media and web analytics, social media brand tracking, to predictive analytics.

There’s something feminine about it.” Even the notion of a fox, which is a slight but cunning animal, plays into that effect.