She says she can't do anything and it's like she has given up on life. Her very dear and close friends call me and ask if she is okay noticing a total change in her personality... Answer: It's hard to help someone when they don't feel as if they have a problem or don't want to be helped.

If we try to say something to her or get her to do something then she blows up and all progress is lost. My older brother is handicapped with Parkinson's disease in an assisted living home and I am so afraid my mom is going to put my dad in an early grave. If she is open to it, she could see a neuropsychologist who specializes in emotional issues after stroke.

She has all her mobility back but tires easily, this is nothing new.

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My dad got worse and so my mom called he ambulance again and he was taken to a different hospital, which said he did have a stroke. What could make him act this way...latest thought I had that maybe he is stuck in a place where he just feels comfortable with his immediate family and friends and is kind of stuck in the past yet certain memories about me irritate him.... I have googled this and can't find anyone stating they have experienced this and would love to know if anyone here has....

Anyways, my dad was in the hospital for about 21 days and now is in a rehabilitation center. He can't quite move his left leg but he can move his toes and his left arm. In any event, I feel like my best friend is gone and don't know why and it is killing me and feel like his family looks at me like I did something wrong to him to deserve this but didn't unless deep in side he wanted me to go way before... My husband, my best friend, my soulmate had a stroke 5 years ago and it's been very hard dealing with the fact that the man who put me on a pedestal for so many years not only doesn't seem to care anymore but almost seems to resent me entirely.

I assume you have probably talked to her about her personality changes, but if you haven't, then sit down and have a heart to heart discussion when she is in a good/receptive mood.

It doesn't have to be a long or accusing conversation. His family took over and he left me, treating me terribly and married his ex-wife who he could not stand. The two of them now live in the house we built 28 years ago. He is not the man I knew and loved with all my heart.

You can just let her know that her friends and you are worried because she seems more stressed/anxious and that you would like to help. He hates me for no reason and put me through a divorce from Hell for two years. My dad has suffered a stroke a few days ago caused by a blood clot.

He has lost feeling and movement in his left side and is struggling with his eye sight and swallowing.The doctors have confirmed he has brain damage I think he is suffering with short term memory loss too.It's difficult at the moment as not only having to deal with everything that has happened I'm having to deal with his partner who is confusing him more by saying things like you will be out of hospital in a few days and talking about other stresses around him. Hi, I hope someone can help or confirm that what I think could be true.If you’re willing to play, leave a comment with the following information: Update: Please put your job title as your user name, which will make it appear in bold, which will be easier for people to scan. (Michigan) Question: My mom had a stroke in August 2013 it affected her right side.His ears still work and this is stuff he doesn't need to hear. Tricia I'm having a real hard time since the stroke. My brother and his wife have been apart and now divorced for 3 or 4yrs now. On several occasions she has made allegations that ex boyfriends have abused her or stalked her.