We always called my grandmother Babchi (bop-chee) or Baba (Bah-bah) and my grandfather was Dadju (Dah-jooh).

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I think my mother in law has the most unique grandma name... She wasn't ready to be a "grandma" when her daughter started having kids 6 years ago and she still likes to tie one on.

So her two grandsons refer to her as "Beerma" and so will my child! Bella: my aunt at 50 doesn't feel like a grandma, so her grandson calls her "bella", meaning beautiful in italian.

today's grandparents are coming up with new names in droves!

Alvin and Butter-butt: My daughters started calling my father Alvin because they thought he had puffy cheeks like Alvin the singing chipmunk.

She loved saying it and Great Grandmas loved hearing it!

We used the older, more formal Danish "Bedste mor" for my late mom.

Hubby's sister in Indianapolis adopted Bunia for herself with her g-children, and so it continues... I grew up with a Babcia, a Baba, a Bamboo, and a Grandpa.

My Babcia was 100% Polish and this is the name for Grandma.

We joked the whole time that my mother would be called Be-Bop, from the children's Barney tapes.