Therefore, he's going to make sure he can successfully use violence against you (Interview and Positioning) before he commits himself to act.

Once he is sure of his ability to succeed -- and has put you in a position where he can quickly overwhelm you -- he will attack. Each is linked to a more in-depth look at the subject: Intent By intent, we don't mean that you are a psychic. Although the word 'intent' has often been replaced in court with Jeopardy (acting in a way that is consistent with known pre-attack behaviors) we still use the term 'intent' for a simple reason.

Dating violence jeopardy game video

This is where the person crosses a normal mental boundary.

From this point, the person is mentally and physically prepared to commit violence in order to get what he wants – whatever that may be.

The criminal has often learned how to mask it behind words and feigned innocence.

But once you know how to spot the physiological signs, it is easily recognizable. Interview With all violence, the assailant's safety is a critical factor in deciding whether or not to attack.

Like the other stages there are important distinctions to be made about the kind of attack you will face.

Reaction Reaction is how the criminal feels about what he has done.

Remember, when it comes to violence there are usually legal repercussions.

Therefore we strongly advocate you know when you are justified to use force.

Like the Interview, there are several kinds of Positioning.

Attack The attack is the when the criminal/violent person commits himself to using force -- or the threat of force -- to get what he wants.

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