A relationship is a developing process happening between two people.

dating stages discovery stage-21

Both individuals begin to discover many things about each other even more.

Individuals start to look into each other’s behavior, personality traits, and other interesting features.

They start to learn more about each other’s personalities. Many consider this as the longest stage since it may take some time for people to learn about each other a little bit better.

Engagement Stage Once couples have developed a mutual understanding of each other, time will determine if they move into the next stage or not.

It is during this time that a partner may go through a journey of self-discovery apart from the life of being a couple.

Partners sometimes begin to explore life individually.

If they decide on the former, then the next stage develops.

Couplehood will enable both partners to find out what it means to stay closer together.

This stage will enable couples to forge a better commitment to stay with each other.

It is at this stage that couples start making goals for their future and a life spent together.

How people go through the different stages will determine whether their relationship will last or fail.