was ranked 17th in Division II total field goal attempts last year, while ranking 19th in both total steals and total assists.He ranked 23rd nationally in assists per game, while ranking 26th in total minutes and 31st in steals per game.

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Clark led the MIAA in three point attempts and three pointers made, while ranking second in three pointers per game.

The Lions lead the MIAA in scoring, offensive rebounds per game and total rebounds.

Many of the managers are hired simply because they are already within the system.

Many of the internal processes are outdated and change is frowned upon. Kontras It was a very easy-going and relaxed working environment. It was easy to take advantage of the department being spread throughout campus and to neglect the work you were supposed to be doing.

The Lions ranked 15th nationally in home attendance last season, averaging 1,487 n fans per game. set a new MSSU single-game record for assists against Pittsburg State last season with 16 in the game.

The mark broke Eddin Santiago's mark of 15 set in 2000.

He also helped the Lions to set the school record for three's made in a season with 250.

Missouri Southern can count on some of the best fan support in Division II.

Trumann, Arkansas Date: 1976/03/25 Origin Time of Earthquake (UTC): .9000 Latitude: 35.61000 Longitude: -90.48000 Depth (km): 15.0000 Magnitude: 4.5 Google location: Map Chaffee, Missouri Date: 1990/09/26 Origin Time of Earthquake (UTC): .7100 Latitude: 37.15200 Longitude: -89.61300 Depth (km): 1.0000 Magnitude: 4.8 Google location: Map Risco, Missouri Date: 1991/05/04 Origin Time of Earthquake (UTC): .6000 Latitude: 36.57500 Longitude: -89.82500 Depth (km): 11.2000 Magnitude: 4.5 Google location: Map Data collected from the New Madrid Earthquake Catalog maintained by the Center for Earthquake Research and Information.

Search the catalog for other occurrences, create a map and learn more about occurrences in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

Bucklew was convicted of first-degree murder for the gruesome 1996 killing of his estranged girlfriend’s new boyfriend, Michael Sanders.