We provide source code for the templates, settings, payment processing and some other customizable files.

The core functions are protected because these must remain compatible with future versions.

Any owner can change the licensed domain name for a small extra fee (read above).

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Members can also predefine search profiles (for back matching) and also specify importance weight for each attribute for matchmaking calculations sorting.

The package comes with instructions for installation and setup.

In the latest versions, each of the templates contains source code for the most important sections: website entry page, overall layout, home page, member account center, registration, search - simple & advanced, profile page.

Also all interface graphics can be changed for each template.

Most other scripts have interface only language support - meaning the webmaster can choose a language and use the scripts for that language only - people fill their profile in the selected language and that is available for one language only.

It's not the case with our systems: our packages have real multi-language support meaning the website can be used in multiple languages at the same time.

Chameleon is the most advanced version of matchmaking software to date.

With new features, higher levels of security, and a completely new modular structure, Chameleon offers the most powerful tool in dating site software.

We respect our customer's privacy and business secrets.