Adverse publicity, some real action by the authorities, some exemplary fines, and the strictures of the new environment minister, have all also played a part.But the LPO will be checking on the ground in 2018, just to be sure.No doubt increasing numbers breeding in northern France and elsewhere can account for this welcome rise in numbers.

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26 October 2017 Although the season of counts at this Pyrenean migration watchpoint is not yet over – it runs to the middle of November – it is clear that for several species it has been an outstanding autumn.

For instance, over 15,500 Honey Buzzards have been seen passing south, the fifth highest total in 39 years of counting.

October is the peak time for Red Kites, with 1940 counted on 7th, the highest daily total since records started.

In some years at the start of the new millennium even the annual total never got as high as that, as the graph below shows.

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Over 2000 were seen on 24th August, with over 1000 on several other dates.

Over 37,000 Black Kites were recorded this year, nearly 14,000 of them on just one day, the 7th August, after a few days of bad weather during which birds just had to sit and wait in the foothills to the north.

Another species also found in increasing numbers is the Black Stork.