If you choose to have your shoulders in the photo, pose them accordingly to create a nice line.

Instead of photographing head-on, like for an ID photo, this wider part of your body will look more flattering if one shoulder leans towards the camera, creating a line that directs attention towards your face.

You may experience issues with red-eye while using flash, which can be combatted with the Red-Eye Reduction feature available on many of Canon’s current line of EOS DSLR and Power Shot cameras.

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Continuous Self-Timer allows you to take multiple shots with each use of the Self-Timer with up to 10 shots taken in a row.

Face Detect Self-Timer is a feature in select Power Shots and uses the camera’s advanced Face Detection Technology to take a photo 30 seconds after pushing the shutter button down and after it detects a new face entering the frame.

A tripod and a timer are also ideal tools to help achieve self-portraits.

Most EOS DSLRs and Power Shots have some kind of Self-Timer, Continuous Self-Timer or Face Detect Self-Timer function.

Throwing the background out of focus is a popular technique in portraits, and one we recommend considering here.

Even a standard lens can achieve this in a head-and-shoulders photo, and it's easily achieved with telephoto lenses such as 85mm, 100mm, or even longer.For almost every social media account comes an accompanying profile picture.If you’re involved with online dating, those pictures are the first impressions that can determine potential interactions.Read on for some techniques on how to create impactful portraits.A simple photo with an uncomplicated pose, an uncluttered background and a nice frame brings all the attention to you.Instead, try to shoot on an overcast day, in the shade or during the “magic hour” – a brief period before the sun sets or just as it’s rising and offers flattering warm-toned light.