But more than anything, we have committed to five things to keep our marriage strong…SEE ALSO: Loving “Those People”: Keeping Your Marriage Strong in a Blended Family 1. And those who start as friends, make the best lovers.John and I founded our relationship on a really strong friendship.

May God give us the grace to honor our relationships with our spouse, to invest in them, and to show them the love of Jesus every opportunity we get. (Zondervan, 2013), challenging young men and women to do dating in a way that is psychologically sound, emotionally healthy and spiritually grounded.

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Marriage is not an easy road, and the proof of that is reflected in the many marriages around us that are falling apart.

But God’s design for marriage is not to add burdens but to bring blessing into our lives.

But it is a journey full of blessing, healing, and hope.

It is a hazy glimpse of God’s incredible love found in the eyes of another human being.

We’ve learned to show affection through our words, our actions, and our attitudes with one another.

And let me encourage you…a little love goes a long, long way. Connection: With so many opportunities to “connect” throughout the day via Facebook, emails, text messages, and interactions with others - sometimes our need for connections is depleted by the time we are face to face with our spouse at the end of the day.

Affection is no longer the “norm,” it’s a priority.

It’s an action and reaction to one another that involves being deliberate and choosing to make time for intimacy, romance, and quality time.

We have so much fun together, and some of our most intimate memories involve us laughing until there are tears streaming down our faces. Confession: As hard as it is, John and I are getting really good at saying sorry. We don’t just say sorry anymore - because the word “sorry” doesn’t always hold much meaning.