Evelyn listens in amusement to BETTY, a cute blonde with unmissable boobs, and BARBARA, a burnette equally endowed. Their lips painted bright red, their faces powdered, their spirits high.

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DANNY I don't mean how'd you do the paperwork, I mean how the hell did you do it without letting me in on it?

BETTY Do you have trouble with your boobs in the uniform?

RAFE We'll just have to find a substitute, won't we?

If you're thinking this might be your last night on earth?

NEW JERSEY AIRFIELD - DAY The planes land in tight order and taxi off the runway; shut down their props, slide back the canopies and hop down. RAFE AND DANNY - STILL IN THE AIR - DAY They've circled to opposite ends of the airfield and are now heading right at each other, like two bullets playing chicken. THE PILOTS ON THE GROUND watch in awe as the P-40's get so close they can't possibly get out of each other's way. Danny pulls it off, just barely making a full circle to come in behind Rafe and bounce to a stop on the runway. Red, tall with flaming orange hair, tips his chin toward the air. Danny's just about to ask what the hell that means, when he notices Rafe climbing in a deliberate spiral.

THE COCKPITS From Rafe and Danny's POV, the rush is awesome. He's grinning as he slides back his cockpit cover; then -- DANNY Where's Rafe? TRAINING CAPTAIN He's not taking my orders anymore. The bus driver's ready to leave, and Red is honking the horn for Rafe to come. But the glow of the train is outshone by EVELYN STEWART. A MOVING TRAIN - DAY The trains of 1942 have their own beauty, with felt seats, shaded lamps, and paneled compartments even in the economy section. The girls laugh and shove each others' knees; it's a party wherever they go. She looks out the window and her thoughts drift away. At the door of the train, Evelyn whispers to Betty -- EVELYN Stick with me, I'll find you somebody good. Among then is Rafe, holding something behind his back, as the train pulls in and shudders to a stop, clouds of steam jetting onto the platform and giving the moment a dream-like haze. TRAIN - NEW YORK TRAIN STATION - NIGHT The nurses start stepping out; both pilots and nurses pretend surprise to see each. It releases a trail of crop spray, and climbs again... He's also missing an arm; but the one that's left is potent, and he's shaking Danny with it. Johnson come lookin', said he'd pay a dime for you to shovel his pig shed, and I can't find you no place.