Cooling power is further boosted by elaborate internal channeling and a series of massive vents; the Synthe sets a new bar for ventilation.  You no longer need to choose between aerodynamics and cooling power—with Synthe you get everything, all wrapped up in a compact and sleek silhouette.SPECIFICATIONS WEIGHT 234g (CE Medium) FEATURES Wind Tunnel-Aided Design for Aero Efficiency on the Road Integrated Aero Mesh Panels Eyewear Docking Ports X-Static ® Padding Featherweight Webbing with Slimline™ Buckle CONSTRUCTION In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner FIT SYSTEM Roc Loc Air VENTILATION 19 vents, internal channeling Super Fit™  Sizes:&­nbsp; Small: 51-55cm,  Medium: 55-59cm,  Large: 59-63cm   Evo is New Zealand's LARGEST independent bike retailer.

While it is primarily religious institutions that have filed the lawsuits, done the community organizing and funded these efforts, the media has contributed to the problem in many cases by portraying the conflict as a controversy between opposing, but equally valid world views, rather than an attempt by religious fundamentalists to impose nonscientific, irrational, spiritually-based ideas on public school science classes.

One result is that many Americans believe that the theory of evolution is just an opinion and that it is unproven. It doesn’t help that evolution is a complex theory that is not easy to understand.

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In a misologistic society, few people have the patience and perseverance to struggle with it and really try to understand it.

As a result, many people try to oversimplify the theory with disastrous effects.

The ignorance created by these institutions contribute to and exacerbate the misology that already exists in our society by mystifying facts, sowing doubt and confusion, and drawing into question the validity and authority of those who demonstrate quality rational thought.

promoting the teaching of creationism or intelligent design in public schools and the attempts to portray evolution as a flawed “theory” (read “opinion”) that has not yet been proven.

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