This is highly debatable, as the Army itself has been forced to admit.(6) The basis for these teachings is more likely to be found in Booth's hangups than in the Bible.This moral code had a dark side, in that it allowed the Salvation Army to blame the victims of poverty for their own situation.Wherever it went the Salvation Army maintained its support for 'things as they are'.

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Any of the poor who were unfortunate enough to go against the Army's morals were quick to discover themselves out on the street, hungry or not.(3) So from the very beginning the Salvation Army was in favour of a world made up of bosses and bossed.

Its own organisational setup reflected this love of authority, with a military structure complete with uniforms and an army band.

Nothing good ever happens within the "name it and claim it" crowd, it's all about money, private jets, huge mansions and more money.

Televangelists are rightly disparaged because they reduce the entire Bible to nothing more than getting you to give them money.

These were the poorest workers and also the people that other unions usually wouldn't support.

They were also the main target for the Salvation Army.

The only permissible pleasure was praying and playing in the Army band.

This was justified by saying that the Bible had described drinking etc as sinful.

Amos 3:3 (KJV)Jonathan Cahn was a guest on our radio show a few years back, and a very engaging one at that.

His book, “The Harbinger” had just come out and he was popping up everywhere to promote it.

They could argue that the symptoms of poverty - alcohol abuse, prostitution etc - were really its cause. It also meant that any of the poor who broke their moral code were denied access to food and clothing, a practice which reportedly continues today.(7) As Britain's social problems increased, it was recommended that the poor be sent off to colonise other countries (regardless of the feelings of the people who already lived there of course).