In the case of a by-election, it will run only in the newspapers in that electoral district.

Elections Nova Scotia has placed a pdf of each electoral district map on the website under "Resources" and distributes a series of hard copy maps, including: 2012 Provincial Electoral District of Nova Scotia map; the most recent general election results map; and individual Electoral District maps with detailed polling division boundaries.

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Contact your local Returning Officer about these or other positions available.

Enumerators Enumerators work with a partner to carry out enumeration.

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An election starts when the government passes a special Order in Council.

The number of hours worked by each pair of enumerators is dependent on the area and the number of houses to be visited that are required to visit.

Rate of pay: .85 per hour Write-in-Ballot Coordinator The write-in ballot coordinator organizes efforts to provide voting opportunities to electors who may not be able to vote at a polling location for a number of reasons.

The WIB Coordinator works with an Assistant WIB Coordinator as a team when visiting electors at their homes.

Duties include scheduling, visiting electors in their home or in residential care centers with write-in ballot kits and ensuring a smooth and confidential voting process for each elector.

If you would like to work during this general election period, read on!

If you want to work in any of the positions described below, you can contact a local political party and let them know you are interested in being considered or you check out our Employment listings. Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia Website: Party of Nova Scotia Website: Nova Scotia Liberal Party Website: Nova Scotia New Democratic Party Website: Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia Website: Listed below are the positions that may be available during an election.

Within five days of the date of the writ, each Returning Officer must then issue a proclamation and post it in the Returning Office.