They are genetically different, that is a different race, to the other populations in Japan.

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This can be seen in the designs of Japanese gardens and temples.

The Great Hall (Kondo) Horyuji Temple in Nara, is one of the first Buddhist temples built in Japan and follows the style from Sui Dynasty of China (6th century) with its double roof structure.

The houses were normally about seven by five metres.

The Ryukyuan people are the indigenous people who occupied the Ryukyu islands, which are essentially the Okinawan islands plus some to the north.

First there are at least three distinct population groups within Japan: Ainu, Ryukyuan and the main Japanese (Yamato) population.

The Ainu (アィヌ Aynu) are the indigenous people who occupied Northern Honshu, Hokkaido and some of the islands to the north of Hokkaido.

There are times that he needs to spend some extra hours if the boss is still around the office, which, according to him, is a part of paying respect to his higher-up.

One thing that challenges my patience the most is the drinking habit.

The Ainu worshiped as gods objects in nature including fire, water, wind and thunder.

In addition they had animal gods such as bears, foxes, owls and plant gods.

Many times throughout history the first time a particular aspect of culture was imported from China it was of course very Chinese.