Under the possession of the Cork City Council, it's one of the world's oldest municipal markets.

Artisan breads, fruit, and freshly caught seafood are just some of the specialities on offer.

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Cork is the Irish Republic's third largest city after Dublin and Belfast.

Prior to the re-design a more modest Georgian style building and bell tower stood in its place.

The interior is richly decorated with fine mosaics in the choir and sumptuous artwork in the chancel.

It's situated on a site where Christian worship has been taking place since the 7th century.

By its completion, in excess of £100,000 was spent on the building, an enormous amount of money at the time.

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Hours: Open 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday, closed Sundays and bank holidays Initially conceived in the early 18th century by wealthy merchants presumably anxious to part their fellow citizens from their cash, this has remained Cork's main shopping hub.