At that time Bergenfield’s, Bob Gaudio was only 15 years old and Tom Austin was 17.

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After spending countless hours of writing their own music and endless hours of rehearsing, the “Royals” as they were known back then entered a battle of the bands at Father Donovan’s, Madonna CYO hall in Fort Lee.

Because they were all so young and were going to be going up against more established bands made up of older musicians, etc.

Tommy suggested that they rent white tuxedos with plaid lapels to look as good as they could when it was their turn on stage. The girls went wild and the band was launched on solid footing.

Some weeks later the Holy Trinty CYO in Coytesville NJ, (which was just a small enclave on the north end of Fort Lee) hired The Royals to be the opening act for their headliners known as “The Three Friends”.

Large numbers of human bones have been recovered from the spring itself, but were not collected under controlled conditions.

History of The Royal Teens The Royal Teens have a rich and illustrious history dating back to the year 1956 when Bob Gaudio and Tom Austin decided to assemble the best musicians they knew in Bergen County New Jersey and start their own band and etch their own mark into the fabric of Rock and Roll history.

In the 1970s the overturned shell of an extinct giant land tortoise was found on the 27-meter (89 ft) ledge.

A wooden stake had been driven between the carapace and the plastron, and there is evidence of a fire under the tortoise.

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